The Train Approaches

Hi Friends! Purple Line is only a few days away. Here's the up-to-date info you'll need to enjoy the festivities!  

Where: 3651 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33137

When: March 8th 12pm-10pm & March 9th 10AM-11pm

Be sure to check out: 

Also don't forget that the Purple Line is an official stop for the City of Miami Trolley on Saturday! This will also connect the trolley's Second Saturday Artwalk route for Wynwood.


  1. "The multitude of cafes, stands, a farmer’s market, a comic book stand, and other businesses normally associated with transit stations that will be open and ready for business."

    I've lived in three large cities with public transit and taken it regularly. The only place these things are "normally associated" with transit stations is on television.

    1. so what's your point?