Hanging at The Hangar Gallery

August 24th, 2012 was a turning point.  We had been toying with this idea of doing a Better Block Miami project, but that idea did what any great idea would: it evolved into something even more appropriate and specific to the local need.  This evolution was to be the Purple Line.  

   The meeting, graciously hosted by the Hangar Gallery and the spectacular Allyson Parker, was the coming out party for the pop-up transit station.  It also happened to coincide with one of season's tropical storms.  In short, what we thought would be a wash turned out to be a great event, with a packed house.  These weren't any ordinary attendees either.  We had a huge showing from EmergeMiami members, a few folks from area schools (Miami Dade College, UM, FAU), several local organizations and a few urban planners from local firms.  

   The meeting marked not only the official evolution from the Better Block project, but also the equally as official birth of The Purple Line.  In preparation for this meeting, we had come up with the concept of U+Transit, as the overarching idea of what a pop-up transit station would be, but we didn't have an official name for this project.  So, we turned it over to our attendees, our community, and asked.  As we described the general vision for what we could create, the Purple Line was the name created and vetted by the those in attendance.  We proudly move forward with the The Purple Line.  

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